Discovering Chinese Pro

Discovering Chinese Pro – a groundbreaking 21st century Chinese learning program based on our State-Adopted Discovering Chinese series – is designed for middle/high school students. We completely restructured this resource by combining technology and hard copy books, to ensure that teachers can deliver lessons with ease, with best practices built into not just the articulated sequence but also the methods of delivery. This new structure also ensures that student learning benefits from scaffolding and spirals up with ample opportunities to practice the three modes of communication – presentation, interpretation, and inter-personal.

In this new edition of Discovering Chinese Pro, lesson stories have been made more engaging by a character redesign and some storyline adjustment. Teachers will appreciate that interactive practice activities on iPad/Web modules are now also available as paperback workbooks! Additional features of this new edition: summative assessments, lesson pacing guides, writing template, and more administrative features – such as students’ learning history and grade book.

Discovering Chinese Pro makes your Chinese classroom come alive with all the tools teachers need and a proven pedagogy to not only uncover your students’ language potential but also to help them become life-long learners of Chinese culture.

Key Features
Inquiry-Based and Student Centered. Designed with students in mind, Discovering Chinese Pro’s beautifully illustrated comic-book style lesson stories reflect students’ world with regard to who they are, where they live, what they need, and what they like to do.
Future Ready. Rich technology for instructional delivery as well as in-class/after-class group and individual practice exercises with Chromebook, PC/Mac, and Apple iOS iPad App. Teachers have the flexibility to use textbooks and/or technology in the classroom and assign group or individual after-class practice activities. Powerful assessment tools allow teachers to customize assessments for individual students.
Multidimensional Engagement. Students can explore, practice, and relearn with ease. At any given time, students can navigate from the current lesson to previously learned vocabulary with a simple touch gesture on the iPad. This feature allows for differentiated learning by letting students focus on the skills they want to work on, such as writing, speaking, pinyin tones, etc. with immediate feedback.
Standards-Aligned. Lessons are themed-based; the program reflects National Standards 5Cs as well as three modes of communications. This program prepares students up to intermediate-low proficiency.